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  1. Good luck with getting your friends to do all these things:) Believe me, I’d be thrilled if they just left a review after reading my book. but for some reason most of them either find that small task too daunting, frightening, or just unimportant. At least most of them bought the book. I’m happy about that! Personally, I’d rather have strangers leave reviews. At least then I know they aren’t lying to please me. So, I’m happy with the reviews I’ve received for the most part. Good luck hitting 1000! I’m only a few sales away from that myself.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I pretty much have the same experience.

      Good luck with your sales too.

  2. The funny thing, is that I have published a book, and so has my friend. This article gives great advice… for both of us! Oh yes, I believe in the power of prayer too!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Great tips! Another one, which builds on #4, is carry a copy of the book and at least put it out or thumb through it while waiting in the doctor lobby, riding public transport, eating lunch at work, whatever. You don’t necessarily need to suggest it. People are curious by default.

    I dugg this post 🙂


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