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If you're jumping from blog to blog on the Christian Book Lovers Blog Hop, welcome to my site. For this hop, I'm offering my three Christian thrillers for free through my webstore, which are available in pdf, epub (for nook, apple, kobo), and mobi for kindle, just enter through the Rafflecopter widget. Want to know more about the novels? Each of the novel covers are linked to the pages dedicated to each novel, each with reviews and chapter excerpts. At the bottom of this post, you can also hop to other blogs on the Hop. Thanks and Happy Blog Hopping.

The End Times Trilogy

Times of TurmoilIn this prequel to Times of Trouble and Times of Trial, we learn the back story of how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States and elsewhere in the world. We see important events that the Evans family gets themselves involved in: such as the return of the Israelites to Israel, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Iran Hostage Affair, the terrorism of 9/11, and eventually events that leads to government tyranny in the United States all to dilute the influence of Christianity in the country.

The novel also follows the Atwood family, starting with the Great-Grandfather of Brian, Charles. We follow him as he makes his way from Normandy in World War Two to being part of the liberation of Buchenwald, the Nazi Concentration Camp, shortly near the end of the war. Charles returns to his hometown in Virginia and gets married to the love of his life, Betty. Eventually, the family ends up in Delaney, Nebraska, when Tom Atwood, the son of Charles, buys some land after returning from Vietnam. In 2001, Aaron, the father of Brian, joins the Army to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. About six years before the beginning of Times of Trouble, we get to see how Brian and Lynda finally get together and get married.

(available only on Amazon, but I will give everyone who signs up a password to download it from my ebookstore, or you can wait until July 1st to download it for free that day only from Amazon)


Times of TroubleFBI Agent Brian Atwood is used to danger, and when he hunts down leads to a terrorist plot and saves a United States Airbase, he's eventually offered a position to be the personal bodyguard of the President of the United States. The job not only tests his skills as an agent, but also his faith as a Christian when he discovers that the President has the morals of an alley cat. As Brian tries to come to terms with doing his job and having to look the other way, his world begins to crumble. His wife is dying of cancer and his son was taken away by the government because he has Down's Syndrome. What else can go wrong? As the End Times approaches and the United States disintegrates into chaos, Brian must try to save his family.




Times of TrialThis is the story about three Christian families who experience the persecution of Christians first hand when the U.S. becomes a Police State. Two get rounded up by government forces as the President declares a dictatorship, initiates Michael Evans' Order 21, and lays the U.S. on a course that will mean its ultimate destruction. The third family make their way from Arizona to Wyoming, where they hope a town built by Doomsday Preppers twenty years earlier will keep them safe.  Micheal Evans also tries to manipulate events in the Middle East to try to to bring war between Israel and Iran.




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  1. Loved the first book I read, Times of Turmoil. It was exciting, and kept me reading, and intrigued from beginning to end. Would love to read your other books. You really make one think. Blessings, Shan

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Times of Turmoil, Shannon. Once this blog hop is over with, I’ll be sending everyone the links to download the novels.

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂 I look forward to reading your books. My grandma read the first one and loved the realistic nature of it. 🙂

  3. Would love to read your books.

    • Hi Diana, thanks for visiting. Once the Blog Hop is done, I’ll send everyone the links to download my books.

  4. Your End of times trilogy sound like a very interesting and realistic reads. I would love to read them on my Kindle, or paperback..

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. A lot of readers have said these three are really realistic. Right now, all I can afford to do is offer ebooks. As soon as this Blog Hop is done, I’ll send everyone who entered the links to download the ebook format of their choice.

  5. Cliff yours is one of the few websites on the tour that was easy to load. So many had too many graphics for those with slow internet.

    • That was done on purpose, Onisha. I really don’t like graphics heavy sites, along with all the busy type things people tend to add to their sites. I try really hard to keep it simple.

  6. The books sound great!

  7. Awesome Blog HOP. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your books.

    • Thank you for being interested. When the Blog Hop ends on Sunday, I’ll send everyone the coupon and links to download the novels.

  9. You’re a new author to me, but would love to read your books. Thank you for opportunity to enter your giveaway.

    • Thank you for being interested in reading my novels. Once the Blog Hop ends on Saturday, I’ll send out the coupon and links so people can download the novels.

  10. I am looking forward to reading Times of Trouble. The only one of the three I haven’t read

    • Hi Jan, once this Blog Hop ends on Sunday, I’ll send you the coupon and link to download Times of Trouble for free.

  11. Thanks for participating in the blog hop & for the opportunity to win the trilogy. I haven’t had the opportunity to read them yet, but the info looks good.

  12. Thank you!

  13. I have read two of your books and I love them keep up the great work

  14. Thanks for the giveaway

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