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Now that June is over with and it's half-way through the year, I'd like to share my sales stats for the year so far. I post this twice a year, and most of the promotion I do is through Facebook or Twitter (since I have a very small budget). Since the beginning of the year though, I've joined up with other Christian indie authors at sites like Crossreads to promote our books through Twitter, Blog Hops, and $.99 cent sales, and I think it helps tremendously. If I had a lot of disposable income, it would be interesting to see how well I'd do if I could afford Bookbub, Kindle Nation Daily, etc. I have a post from June, 2012, that shows the sales, plus the Select and Smashwords free downloads. This year, the sales I'm posting are the actual paid sales and not free giveaways through Kindle Select,  Smashwords, or my webstore. I have a total of 1373 sales so far spread across Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony, in paperback, etc. It also helps that I've published another novel and all the ones outside of Select are now fully distributed. Most of my books on Apple and Kobo are now uploaded directly or through Draft 2 Digital, instead of Smashwords, so my sales took a small hit, but I get to see the sales in real time instead of every few months. For links to the stores, please visit the page for my novels.


Out of Time – 250
Don't Mess With Earth – 17
The Usurper – 18
Shattered Earth – 9
Dust Storm – 1
Voyager and the Aliens – 4
New Frontier – 23
Times of Trouble – 247
Times of Trial – 168
Final Frontier – 18
Beyond the New Frontier (on Select for now)- 35, with 3 borrows
Times of  Turmoil (in Select until July 7, or beyond) – 146, with 11 borrows



Out of Time – 20
Don't Mess With Earth – 18
The Usurper – 23
Shattered Earth – 17
Dust Storm – 4
Voyager and the Aliens – 2
New Frontier – 29
Times of Trouble – 95
Times of Trial – 62
Final Frontier – 24
Beyond the New Frontier (back on Select for now) – 6


Out of Time -30
Don't Mess With Earth- 3
The Usurper – 13
Shattered Earth – 12
Dust Storm – 2
Voyager and the Aliens – 5
New Frontier – 8
Times of Trouble – 2
Times of Trial – 0
Final Frontier – 6

Out of Time – 16
Don't Mess With Earth – 0
The Usurper – 0
Shattered Earth – 1
Dust Storm – 0
Voyager and the Aliens – 9
New Frontier – 1
Times of Trouble – 0
Times of Trial – 1
Final Frontier – 0

Out of Time – 1
Dust Storm – 2
Times of Trouble – 1
Final Frontier – 1

The Usurper – 1
Times of Trial – 1

Times of Trouble – 1

Times of Trouble (hardcover) – 4

Paperback mostly bought from Amazon
The Usurper – 2
Times of Trouble – 2
Times of Trial – 4
Beyond the New Frontier – 2
Times of Turmoil – 6

Other sites:
Book Tango (was seeing if Google Play was worth it), New Frontier – 1
Best Indie Bookstore, Shattered Earth – 1
eBooks Online, Times of Trouble – 1

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  1. Good for you! Gives me hope.

    • Good luck with your sales, Jodi. Just make it your goal each year to sell more books than you did the year before, and you’ll get there.

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