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First off, Happy New Year 2013 to everyone and a big thank you to all those out there who bought/downloaded a copy of one of my novels. I thought I’d blog again this year about how many sales/free downloads my novels had this year. My marketing/promoting consisted mostly of using Twitter, Facebook groups/pages, joining up with a couple Christian author groups to Tweet, and going to message boards. I did some giveaways for ebooks, like on Librarything, and sent some personal acquaintances/relatives paperback copies of Times of Trouble (which actually did help some with visibility), along with a little more than a handful of review copies to a couple of book bloggers, two of which actually gave me a review. I also tried blog interviews early in the year, along with the occasional paid post about my books, but overall, I’d say 99% of my sales would probably be from word-of-mouth. My sales on Barnes and Noble increased by a lot this year, up to 40-50 ebooks sold a month compared to 2 or 3 a month in 2011.  My number one seller is the United States, followed by the UK, Canada, Australia, and then everyone else, mostly Western/Northern Europe, but I did manage to get an Amazon Kindle sale from Japan, which was a borrow for Beyond the New Frontier, and 2 sales on Diesel from South Africa. This is without the updated numbers from Smashwords concerning Apple, Sony, or Diesel from December.

Here’s the numbers for each book in order of publication:

Out of Time
Kindle(ASIN B006GDO3BC): 1107

Barnes & Noble Nook: 37

Kobo, which includes WH Smith, Angus & Robertson, and Chapters Indigo: 42

Apple: 51

Sony: 4

Smashwords: 2 paid, 64 free

Paperback (ISBN:1453896961) : 8

Don’t Mess With Earth

Kindle(ASIN B005OOKZJI): 52

Nook: 39

Kobo: 2

Apple: 5

Diesel: 1

Smashwords: 2 paid, 47 free

Paperback(ISBN 978-1602643413): 2

The Usurper

Kindle(ASIN B007K9WDA4): 92 paid, 518 Select downloads (January – March)

Nook: 47

Kobo: 4
Apple: 14

Smashwords: 1 paid, 18 free

Paperback (ISBN 1453702725): 12

Shattered Earth

Kindle(ASIN B006M2U3O8) – 8 sales, unpublished it, but will bring it back this year

Nook: 48

Kobo: 20

Apple: 52

Smashwords: 1 sale, 61 free

Paperback (probably only available on Amazon, since I retired it on Createspace): 3

Dust Storm (western short story) – plagued by Smashwords’ meatgrinder, so it wasn’t published to Apple or Sony until later in the year. Sold on Kobo once I uploaded there myself.

Kindle(ASIN B006KH7H4E): 9

Nook: 7

Kobo: 1

Apple: 1

Sony: 1

Smashwords: 2 paid, 12 free

Voyager and the Aliens (sci-fi short story)

Kindle(ASIN B005NK19MU): 14

Nook: 2

Kobo: 5

Apple: 9

Diesel: 1

Smashwords: 1 paid, 27 free

New Frontier

Kindle(ASIN B006ONBPVU): 99

Nook: 58

Kobo: 2

Apple: 7

Sony: 1

Smashwords: 5 paid, 62 free

Baker & Taylor Blio: 1

Paperback (ISBN 1468119540): 18

Times of Trouble

Kindle(ASIN B0075CNFFI): 309

Nook: 343

Kobo: 1

Apple: 0

Sony: 0

Smashwords: 128 free

Paperback (ISBN-10: 1469964791) 43

Times of Trial

Kindle(ASIN B00824G5UA): 99

Nook: 120

Kobo: 3

Apple: 0

Sony (for some reason, not available on Sony): 0

Smashwords: 31 free

Paperback(ISBN-10 147745327X): 5

Final Frontier – published in October

Kindle(ASIN B009ORP5U0): 26

Nook: 22

Kobo: 0

Apple: 0

Sony: 0

Smashwords: 0

Paperback (ISBN-10: 1481192191): 0

Beyond the New Frontier – combo of New & Final Frontier, available on Amazon to borrow for free or buy for $3.99

Kindle paid(ASIN B009NVH76M): 28, KDP Select: 724, Borrows: 2

Paperback (ISBN-10: 1480185590): 1

The total equals 1694 free and 2858 paid sales. My goal for 2013 is to double the paid sales without having to rely on free giveaways as much. I’m also working on a prequel to Times of Trouble, most likely called “Times of Turmoil.” I also re-designed a whole new author website on weebly. I was using webs.com, but it was way too clunky, but Weebly seems to be pretty user-friendly. Please check it out http://cliffball-indieauthor.weebly.com when you have time (waiting for domain name transfer, so it night re-direct back to webs.com). Now, I just have to figure out how to transfer my domain name over to it.

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