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  1. Wow! I want to buy this book! What a great concept for a novel. Check out first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This narrative tale is a romantic action adventure in space and is more about the characters than the technology.

    1. Author

      Cool, I’m glad you want to buy the book, and thanks for the comment. Looking up your book on Amazon, I see that it’s 552 pages and it’s your first? Wow! I’m working my way up to 80,000+ words, so I’m amazed at people who can write that much. Good luck with the sales!

  2. Really? Judging by your tumbnail, I’ve probably been writing a bit longer than you. Be certain to dream big and then you’re imagination will let you write the scenes in your head. And it’s a lot easier to write than it was for me to find an agent then publisher!

  3. Author

    I’m 35, and except for being a slacker with writing in my 20’s, I’ve been writing since I was 10. Anyway, I used to think that anybody writing anything over 100,000 plus words were just rambling on and on and going off topic for the most part, but, since I’ve put more effort into writing novels, that’s not always the case. I’m just really weak with characterization, which I’m trying really hard to work on with my next two novels.

  4. Don’t know exactly how to help you with characterization except to read all types of novels. By reading other authors’ styles of characterization you may find a method/style that works for you. Good luck! As peviously mentioned, I still have a few years on you.

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