December Treats Promo

DECEMBER TREATS Here are some Treats too good to pass up! 9 FREE books and 13 others for only $.99 each! THE “IN” CROWD (Life With Stef) by Susette Williams FREE! Dec. 4-8 WINTER CHILL (Seasons of the Heart) by Susette Williams FREE! Dec. 7&8 Cry for the Moon by William Woodall FREE! Dec. 4-8 PATTY GAYLE AND THE LEGEND OF KINGSLEY by Cynthia P. Willow FREE! Dec. 4-8 Pibbin the Small by Gloria Repp FREE! Dec. 4-8 The Story Shell: Book Two in Tales of Friendship Bog by Gloria Repp 99cents! Dec. 4-8 Some Happy Day by Elaine Littau FREE! Dec. 6&7 … Continue reading