More reviews & the Book trailer

Here is the book trailer I made for Times of Trouble. You do what you can afford…. And I received another review on Amazon, a 4 star: “scarily prophetic!April 16, 2012 By Dirtboy’s Girl Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase The way Mr. Ball writes I wonder if he isn’t living as a fly on the wall in the White House. You meet the characters and can feel their joy and sadness, anger and frustration as he tells the story. There were points in the story where I found myself talking to my Kindle telling Brian what I thought he should do next. Fast paced story that has you reading until the … Continue reading

Two new book videos

For the heck of it, I created this video of my book covers. This is the version 2 of The Usurper book trailer. Tweaked the music, added the current cover, and made the end credits slightly longer. Related posts: Book Trailer for The Usurper Book trailer for my two novels More reviews & the Book trailer 18 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love

18 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love

Reposted from 18 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love Eileen Flanagan, author of The Wisdom to Know the Difference, wrote a blog post about a year ago telling friends of book authors how they could help the author sell more books. You can read her blog post here: I thought I’d include some of the highlights of her help list, add my own comments, and provide a few more ways that friends can help book authors to sell more books. If you have a friend who is a book author, please use these suggestions to help them out. If you are a book author, please share … Continue reading