New Releases – Jon Ryan and Xavier Doolittle: An End Times Short Story

New release to Kindle, Jon Ryan: An End Times Short Story, only $.99 and if you're a Prime Member, it's free to borrow. This short is about a minor character from Times of Trouble, who also briefly interacts with the White family from Times of Trial, 6 chapters, is 27 pages, and has a little more than 8300 words. If anyone would like to review it, I can send an epub, kindle, or pdf copy, just email me at   Summary: Jon Ryan dreamed of becoming a doctor his entire life. Before he graduates from medical school, the government takes over healthcare, making him wary about the profession he's … Continue reading

Novel sales stats for 2012

First off, Happy New Year 2013 to everyone and a big thank you to all those out there who bought/downloaded a copy of one of my novels. I thought I’d blog again this year about how many sales/free downloads my novels had this year. My marketing/promoting consisted mostly of using Twitter, Facebook groups/pages, joining up with a couple Christian author groups to Tweet, and going to message boards. I did some giveaways for ebooks, like on Librarything, and sent some personal acquaintances/relatives paperback copies of Times of Trouble (which actually did help some with visibility), along with a little more than a handful of review copies to a couple of … Continue reading
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