Xavier Doolittle Chapter Excerpt

Chapter 1 excerpt from Xavier Doolittle The church was giving him a going away party. Xavier Doolittle had decided to leave home for the first time to attend college in a completely different city from the one he lived in, and he was filled with excitement about this new experience that was waiting for him. His parents, while supportive, weren’t exactly thrilled with him wanting to go to college somewhere else, since their city had a perfectly good junior college with perfectly good degrees, but they understood that he wanted a job working for the FBI or NSA or even Homeland Security in the future, so he had to go … Continue reading

More reviews & the Book trailer

Here is the book trailer I made for Times of Trouble. You do what you can afford…. And I received another review on Amazon, a 4 star: “scarily prophetic!April 16, 2012 By Dirtboy’s Girl Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase The way Mr. Ball writes I wonder if he isn’t living as a fly on the wall in the White House. You meet the characters and can feel their joy and sadness, anger and frustration as he tells the story. There were points in the story where I found myself talking to my Kindle telling Brian what I thought he should do next. Fast paced story that has you reading until the … Continue reading