Times of Turmoil Chapter One

Times of Turmoil: Chapter One – return to book’s page The task was finally finished. Gregory Evans smiled at the thought of what he had accomplished as his assistants piled the remaining jewels, works of art, and other signs of wealth into the large, unmarked freight trucks. His deal with the Germans was that he was supposed to give them a run-down of the wealth that was taken from the Jews, and then all of the liquidated wealth would be turned over to the German government. Gregory had different ideas. He skimmed off the top, taking about fifteen percent of the wealth that had been confiscated, which was a considerable … Continue reading

Sales for the year so far

Now that it’s June, here are my sales numbers for the year so far, from regular sales to when one of my novels was in KDP Select to free giveaways. These are all from mostly just promoting online on Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of message boards. The novels are listed in order of publication, from 2008 to 2012. Amazon US Kindle Out of Time – 34 Don’t Mess With Earth – 13 The Usurper  – (regular sales) – 67 KDP Select numbers for The Usurper – 329 Shattered Earth (which I unpublished on Amazon) – 8 Voyager & The Aliens – 3 Dust Storm – 4 New Frontier – … Continue reading