New Release: Final Frontier

Final Frontier is the sequel to the novel I published last year, New Frontier. Currently available for $2.99 on Kindle(ASIN: B009ORP5U0), Smashwords, Nook, and Kobo. Also, Times of Trouble is currently going for $.99 on Kindle (ASIN:B0075CNFFI) (but is available in paperback and on other e-book platforms), and Out of Time, my time travel novel is always $.99 (on all ebook platforms). Update: all of my ebooks, but Beyond the New Frontier, are $.99 for the month on Kindle. What it’s about: In this sequel to New Frontier, the USS Lewis & Clark begin their search for the Soviet starship Yuri Gagarin. They find the wormhole that the Gagarin went through … Continue reading

The perfect blurb for The Usurper

I’ve been struggling with coming up with the perfect blurb for The Usurper. My other two novels, since they were science fiction, were fairly easy to come up with a description. I’ve gone through 4, maybe 5 different product descriptions/blurbs for this novel, mainly because I’m not really happy with any of them. I’m posting the ones I’ve put up, and if anyone who reads this has a suggestion, or a favorite blurb, then please leave a comment. First Blurb, which has had three different variations of this, but is essentially the same as this one below: Ever wonder what would happen if our worst fears were realized and we … Continue reading

The Usurper and September 11

In my newest novel, The Usurper, I explore terrorism as part of the novel and who in this fictional universe is actually responsible for starting it/financing it against the United States and everyone else in the world when it begins in the late 1960’s. I decided to have the KGB train various terrorist groups to undermine the western powers, no matter which side they were on, right wing, left wing, or religious terrorism, that way the Soviet Union thinks they can win against their main enemy, the United States. Eventually, when the Soviet Union collapses in the novel, Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden takes up the training of their … Continue reading

Interview on Kindle Author Blog

I had an interview done on the Kindle Author blog, and here it is: I asked Cliff Ball, author of The Usurper, about his novel, his influences, and self-publishing on Kindle. DAVID WISEHART: What can you tell us about your political thriller, The Usuper? CLIFF BALL: Here is what a blog, not owned by me, wrote up about it, that I find to be more precise than a description I can give: “What if the Soviet KGB had been undermining American society for years by destroying our education system, creating environmental disasters, and corrupting our politicians? Sounds like communist conspiracy theory? Well, it does make good fiction. It is … Continue reading