Sales for the year so far

Now that it’s June, here are my sales numbers for the year so far, from regular sales to when one of my novels was in KDP Select to free giveaways. These are all from mostly just promoting online on Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of message boards. The novels are listed in order of publication, from 2008 to 2012. Amazon US Kindle Out of Time – 34 Don’t Mess With Earth – 13 The Usurper  – (regular sales) – 67 KDP Select numbers for The Usurper – 329 Shattered Earth (which I unpublished on Amazon) – 8 Voyager & The Aliens – 3 Dust Storm – 4 New Frontier – … Continue reading

Where all my novels are located

Dear reader, if you’d like to know where you can buy my novels, here is a comprehensive list: Out of Time, originally published through iUniverse in 2008 in paperback, now through Createspace, and a 2nd edition uploaded as e-book this year.  With coupon code ZC6JYHVF get this title for 50% off from Createspace. Paperback: Createspace Amazon- 2nd Edition Amazon UK Barnes and Noble Books a Million Borders Independent Bookstores e-Book locations for $.99 Amazon Kindle UK Kindle Apple iBooks Borders NOOK Sony Reader Smashwords The Usurper, published 2010, through CreateSpace – $5 off with coupon code JKJLG2YW. Review of The Usurper Paperback: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon Canada Barnes and Noble … Continue reading

January’s sales numbers

Here are my sales numbers for the month of January. Thanks to being on Kindle Nation Daily at the beginning of January, I surpassed my goals for the month. I sold 197 copies altogether of my three novels, and I was only expecting to sell maybe 100. Here are the stats from Amazon and B&N: The Usurper, my thriller novel for $2.99 as an ebook, $9.99 as paperback Kindle US: 104 Kindle UK: 4 B&N Nook: 13 Paperback: 1 Out of Time: a time travel novella for $.99 as e-book, $6.99 for paperback Kindle US: 28 Kindle UK: 14 B&N Nook: 4 Paperback: 1 Shattered Earth, a science fiction novel … Continue reading

Sales for November

I thought I would post my sales numbers for my novels for the month of November. The Usurper Paperback through Amazon – 1 Amazon US Kindle: 21 UK Kindle – 1 Smashwords: 0 B&N Nook – 3 Apple – 0 Sony Kobo Out of Time Paperback through Amazon -1 US Kindle – 18 UK Kindle – 2 Smashwords – 1 B&N Nook – 12 Kobo – 1 Apple – 2 Shattered Earth Kindle – 4 Smashwords – 4 B&N Nook- 2 Apple – 5 Sony – 2 Don’t Mess With Earth (which has been dropped as an e-book) Apple – 2 Sony – 2 Kobo – 2 B&N through Smashwords … Continue reading