The Terrorist and the Politician is a free short story

The meeting with the terrorist leader went well and promises were made. The politician who met the terrorist leader went back to America to do everything he could to undermine the new President who he thought won the election illegitimately. The terrorist began training his so-called martyrs with the money the American had given him. The American wanted the new President blown up on live television, the terrorist thought that was small minded. Killing the President wasn’t the psychological effect he wanted.

A few months later the day came to strike. The terrorist and his men studied what would be the best possible way to strike at this enemy; the decision was to attack the people and not the politicians. Attacking the populace would deal a major blow, especially if it was in cities that didn’t like the current President. They would blame him and demand for him to be impeached, hopefully along with everyone next in line for the Presidency, up to the leader of the opposition party, the politician who had give money to the terrorist. The politician would begin to blame lack of national security and state that if he had been President all along, this would never have happened. The terrorist thought the American was a major blow-hard; his own terrorist cell would’ve attacked the country eventually anyway.

The first attack was in a major transportation center on a Friday morning in the midst of rush hour. The terrorists were stationed at major points in the building, surrounded by thousands of commuters, when they activated the bombs on themselves. The bombs were so powerful that it completely leveled the massive building and killed everyone inside. The explosion also caused gas lines underneath the building to explode, taking out a whole city block in the process. Within five minutes, the terrorist leader saw it on cable news, and he was more than happy with this development. He glanced at his American made digital watch, the next attack was supposed to be in ten minutes, in the same city, and this one wouldn’t be just any kind of attack.

Ten minutes later, while the Opposition Leader was coming on TV to rail against the President, the next attack began. This one was a dirty bomb, full of radiation, and it would be used in that center of capitalistic imperialism, The Mall. This just happened to be the day after what the Americans called Thanksgiving. For some reason, they thought it was really important to go shopping and argue and fight over some piece of merchandise. His men thought that since all these people would be packed like sardines in this Mall, the dirty bomb would do a wonderful job, since it seemed everyone in town was here shopping. The bomb went off near a major ventilation shaft, spreading the radiation throughout the Mall. The bomb also included a biological agent in case the radiation wasn’t effective enough. Shoppers began getting sick; the radiation and biological agent drifted outside the Mall and began affecting those outside who were standing in the wind direction of the contaminants. Emergency services were called, and the media right on their heels, flocking like vultures. The Opposition Leader, who was still on TV, called for more national security and stated that the President just did not care about the American people. The President himself was at Annapolis Naval Academy discussing with naval cadets his PT boat experience in Vietnam, when he was finally told about the problem. His first reaction was to continue speaking, his second reaction was to over-react, and then board Air Force 1. He had the plane stay in the sky until the threat was over with.

The last attack happened, which was meant to disrupt everything. Bombs were set on major power grids; they were detonated, leaving half the country without power. Traffic was tied up, airlines in some cities were re-directed to sometimes too small airports, and communications became spotty and unreliable. The terrorist leader was satisfied with himself, but he became really annoyed when the Opposition Leader called him on his cell phone. The American was really upset that the President hadn’t been assassinated; he’d paid for this whole operation and the terrorist leader shouldn’t have gone and done his own thing. The terrorist leader reminded the American that if he wanted to be President, then what better way to become the President than to show how incompetent the current one was, including the Cabinet. The American realized the terrorist was right, so he was determined to make life even more difficult for the President. The terrorist leader began planning more attacks on these Americans on a bigger scale throughout the world.

The President came back to Earth, literally and figuratively, three days later, when the power was restored to Washington, D.C. The contamination from the dirty bomb was contained to a five-mile radius, and the fire from the gas lines explosion was finally extinguished. The President went on TV and complained that those ultra right-wing militias caused these attacks and a report of Arab terrorists doing this was a bunch of nonsense; it was just the opposition party trying to hide their attack on the American people. He said that the whole power of the government would seek out and destroy these enemies of Democracy. He would create a Cabinet level post called the Security of the Nation Department, which would snuff out rebellious influences in the country. The President said this would stop all those terrible terrorist attacks, and the country could finally live in peace and harmony. Once the President was finished, the Opposition Leader came on TV with a rebuttal saying that the President was clueless and those so-called ultra right-wing militias stopped existing when the previous President came down hard on them five years earlier. The Opposition Leader showed proof on how close the country had come to taking out the terrorist who attacked the country, but the current President said no, and three months later, the country had been attacked. The Opposition Leader made a strong, convincing argument about not being able to trust the President and stated he was also a coward. He demanded the President’s resignation and called for the American people’s voices to be heard.

Four months later, the President was impeached fairly quickly when the same terrorist cell hijacked a 747 full of people and kamikazed it into an aircraft carrier; all lives lost and the carrier sunk. The Vice President, who was now President, was a war hawk, and immediately declared war on the terrorists and the country they operated out of. The Opposition Leader had no idea the former Vice President had any kind of backbone, so it came as a surprise to him when the new President declared war. Since his opposition party couldn’t very well oppose a war on terrorists, they would lose votes otherwise. The Opposition Leader began copying all sorts of intelligence information for the terrorists. The terrorist leader was not happy with this turn of events, so he was more than happy when the Opposition Leader gave him intel, especially since the intel helped him to stay one to two steps ahead of the American military.

Months went by and the terrorist leader had yet to be captured, and the Opposition Leader, along with more staunch members of his party, began complaining of a lack of direction for this war and the fact that the terrorist leader had yet been captured. The harping went on for three months when the President decided to have the Opposition Leader carefully watched by national security agents. Monitoring his phone lines, both cell and land, netted them the information needed. The next day, while he was about to complain about national security and the lack thereof, the Opposition Leader was arrested on national TV, and the nation found out he was the security leak the nation had been suffering from.

Since he complained about lack of security, he was soon sent to a secret CIA base. . . . .