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turmoil-1 copy Times of Turmoil free on Kindle on May 8 and 9, the novel is also free to borrow if you have Amazon Prime. Links are below.

I also have two new reviews for the novel, both received in the last week and a half, and both are five stars.

5.0 out of 5 stars Time of Turmoil May 3, 2013
From the first chapter I couldn't stop reading! Meet the Evans family, starting with Gregory. They are the evil behind so many world happenings, manipulating events to pursue their goals. The Atwoods were strong in their beliefs,at times unknowingly becoming victims to the Evans family. So many true events were in this book that it almost felt like reading an account of world news. Even though I kept telling myself it is only a work of fiction, I kept wondering if the author had some "inside information" and Gregory Evans was a pseudonym for someone real. I am grateful the author allowed me to read and review this book! I am now a fan of this series and will definitely be buying the rest!


From the beginning, I was hooked. Interesting read, following two families, the first, Evans, whom are pure evil and involved in so many of the awful events that have occurred in the USA. It's so hard to imagine any human being this evil. No love lost, even between family members as they are not capable of it.


As bad as the Evans family is, the Atwood family is good, looking to God for their help and trusting that He will see them through. Great reminder that with God in our life there is always hope!

Although fiction, very much what is happening all around.

Pick up this book today, you will not be disappointed.


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